Cameron Jaden Ladson better known by his stage name C.A.M. which serves as an acronym that describes his persona, is a multi-talented, self-taught music producer, songwriter, and performing artist. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, he grew up in Northern California the Bay Area and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada.  C.A.M. preforms and creates feel-good music for all moments.

From the time C.A.M. began to walk, music became the cornerstone of his existence. Mesmerized and inspired by ‪Michael Jackson‬ at the age of four, in preschool during a Halloween party in full ‪Michael Jackson‬ costume, he rocked his first performance.

At 10 years old, Cameron entered his first school talent show performing a dance routine to ‪Michael Jackson‬’s Thriller. Throughout elementary and middle school, he honed his craft as a dancer by taking dance classes and participating in several talents shows. During C.A.M.’s senior year of high school, friends convinced him to join his high school dance team.

After graduating from high school, C.A.M. moved to LA and began pursue a music career. With only a laptop that his cousin’s girlfriend let him use did he began self teaching music production. While also teaching himself music theory & always having a passion for writing songs (at an early age) did he start using his self taught method to create his own style of music.

C.A.M. calls his musical style music that transcends all genres with an urban contemporary sound.